Board of Directors

The UCSC Board shall have no more than seven directors and no less than three.  The number of Directors may be increased or decreased from time to time by amendment to the Bylaws.  All directors shall be designated by the existing Board of Directors.  One seat is reserved for appointment by the Superintendent of the Sacramento City Unified School District.

The terms of directors shall be staggered in one, two, and three years.  Board members will serve three-year terms with approximately one-third of the Directors appointed.  Each Board member can be reappointed for an unlimited number of successive terms.  All terms shall commence on July 1 and shall expire on June 30 of the year of the term.


The UCSC Board is responsible for the overall success of the YPSA Charter.  The UCSC Board’s responsibility is to provide support and review decisions made by Academy Council for alignment with law and UCSC policies.

In carrying out this responsibility, the UCSC Board, among other things: 

  • Adopts policies and regulations
  • Hires appropriate staff
  • Monitors progress towards the academic and non-academic goals stated in the charter
  • Approves and monitors the business plan of the Academy
  • Delegates the responsibility of implementing the academic and social program to the YPSA Academy Council

Board Members

Miles E. Myles, B.S., President

President.  He was elected to the Urban Charter School Collective Board in 2014. As a resident of Sacramento, Miles has been working in the field of education for over 20 years. He holds both a CLAD Certification and Administrative Credential.  His educational involvement has included school-site administration, parent educator/trainer, classroom teacher, university assistance manager of program services and professional development for teachers, Academic Efficacy trainer, and multiple school-site level committees.  He believes all children deserve to receive an excellent education and opportunities for growth that are befitting to their unique personalities and desires for this rapidly changing world.  His passion for educational equity and experiences have prepared him to fulfill his new role as an UCSC board member and provide keen insights and directions to the challenges our scholars are facing today and moving forward.

You can contact Mr. Miles by email at

Xai Lor, Board Secretary

Ms. Xai Lor was a parent and enrichment teacher at the creation of Yav Pem Suab Academy in 2011 when her daughter attended there. Her daughter is now a senior in high school. Ms. Xai’s dedication and faith to the vision and mission of the Urban Charter Schools Collective brought her back in 2021 when she was elected as a board member.

She’s a parent, local community member, and business owner. She brings over a decade of business experience from her businesses that are pillars in the Greenhaven Community. She’s the owner of iYa Taekwondo and President of Xai Lor Foundation.

Bao Xiong, B.S, Board Secretary

Ms. Xiong was elected to the Urban Charter School Collective Board in 2018.  She is the proud parent of two sons, both of whom attended Yav Pem Suab Academy.  Since 2011, Ms. Xiong has volunteered her time to support the YPSA community in numerous capacities, including on the PTA and Academy Council.  She is committed to giving back to the communities that have nurtured her growth and development personally, academically, and professionally.   As such, she has spent her entire career working for mission-driven organizations committed to building healthy and thriving communities.

Currently, Ms. Xiong serves as the Assistant Director of Health Center Operations with the California Primary Care Association.  In this capacity, she leads strategic efforts to strengthen the primary care system to improve the health status of communities throughout California, particularly underserved communities.  Previously, she held positions with Dignity Health, where she supported efforts to address the workforce needs of hospitals, clinics, and systems offices spanning three states, and for UC Davis School of Medicine, where she managed an innovative undergraduate medical education program aimed at improving access to effective, culturally respectful and equitable health care services for underserved communities by providing rewarding community-based training opportunities to support interest in primary care and underserved care among medical students.  Prior to this, Ms. Xiong served as an AmeriCorps member, where she led community outreach and education initiatives in Sacramento and the Central Valley.  She earned a B.S. in Psychology from UC Davis.