About the Superintendent

The Urban Charter Schools Collective appointed Lee Yang (pronounced, Lee Yah) as Superintendent on July 22nd, 2014. In this role, his charged is to fulfill the vision that “All scholars will learn and thrive.” A key to this success is by building the capacity in the staff and improve student academic achievement.

To that end, Superintendent Yang’s leadership has helped maintain a 90.48% teaching staff retention in the recent year and demonstrated that teaching and learning are heading in the right direction, as shown by the California Assessment for Pupil Progress (CAASPP) results from 2015-2019 charts below, for both ELA and mathematics.

Prior to this appointment, Mr. Yang assumed various positions with the Sacramento City Unified School District (SCUSD). He has 25 years of professional experience in education. In 1993, he began his educational career as a bilingual teacher assistant and onward to a classroom teacher and a Title I bilingual resource teacher. This led to his extensive 18 years in educational administration. He was the vice principal of an 800-student elementary school and a principal of three elementary schools. These experiences developed his expertise in leadership coaching and his ability to identify processes and procedures for building effective systems that yield optimal teaching and learning in schools. Mr. Yang became a district curriculum professional development administrator where he provided leadership, supervision, and performance evaluations to elementary school principals, and coordinated district-wide curriculum and professional development training series that supported the growing capacity of staff to teachers and principals.

Mr. Yang was also the Director of the Multilingual Literacy Department at Sacramento City Unified School District where he was successful in leading the work to create two Chinese and one Hmong dual language immersion program to the existing district’s Spanish immersion programs. Concurrently, he oversaw the English language development programs for over 12,000 English learners. It is worth noting, during his tenure as director of English learners, the API, AYP, and graduation rates for English learners were on the upward movement as illustrated in the graphs below (Data is collected from the California State Department of Education DataQuest).

Mr. Yang is also proficient in Hmong and is an active member in the local community. He obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies and a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership & Public Policies Studies from California State University, Sacramento. These traits, abilities, and skills made him the prefect fit to be the Superintendent at Urban Charter Schools Collective.

You can contact Mr. Yang by email at Lee-Yang@urbancsc.org