Hiring for a Principal

We are looking for someone to fill the position of Principal at YPSA!

The Principal is the educational leader of the school and will ensure the curricula are implemented to maximize student learning experiences. The principal reports directly to the UCSC governing board or its designated officer and is responsible for the supervision of all employees within the school and the orderly operation of the school.

The principal’s main job is to organize, lead, and train a team of approximately 50 certificated and classified staff to implement the charter and to achieve the following three goals listed in the charter:

  1. Enable students to become self-motivated, competent, and lifelong learners.
  2. Enable students to make good choices.
  3. Be ranked among the top 10 elementary schools in the district.

The principal has overall responsibility for creating and maintaining a positive learning environment, characterized by the absence of threat, which promotes both academic and social achievement. In carrying out the responsibilities, the principal is expected to practice, model, and promote the strategies described in the charter and add other strategies schoolwide that will lead to achieving the three goals listed above.

The principal shall perform such tasks as are assigned by UCSC governing board or its designated officer and is required to undertake some or all of the tasks enumerated below. These tasks may vary from time to time with the evolution of the organization and may include but not be limited to the following:

  • Ensure the charter school enacts its mission
  • Communicate and report to the Superintendent
  • Work with community organizations to develop partnerships
  • Supervise and evaluate teachers and staff
  • Identify the staffing needs of the school and assist with the selection of school staff
  • Interview and make hiring recommendations to the superintendent and the UCSC Board with the advice of teachers and parent representatives
  • Ensure compliance with all applicable state and federal laws, communicate with parents, recruit new families and students, help secure local grants, etc.
  • Take all reasonable steps to secure full and regular attendance of the students enrolled in the school in accordance with policies established by the UCSC governing board
  • Complete and submit required documents as requested by the superintendent
  • Oversee school finances, including ensuring financial stability
  • Maintain up-to-date financial records
  • Work with UCSC-appointed support staff to maintain up-to-date financial records, attendance records, and personnel records
  • Ensure appropriate evaluation techniques are used for both students and staff
  • Establish and maintain a system to handle organizational tasks such as student records, teacher records, attendance, purchasing, budgets, and timetables
  • Ensure the security of the school building
  • Interact effectively with media and promote positive public relations


  • The ability to articulate and support the philosophy and direction of YPSA
  • The ability to implement school program initiatives through appropriate professional development for staff
  • The ability to lead effectively within a team environment
  • The ability to communicate effectively with staff, scholars, parents, community, private partners and outside agencies to better meet the needs of the scholars in the school
  • The ability to use appropriate communication tools, especially current technologies
  • The ability to exhibit and promote multicultural awareness, gender sensitivity and racial and ethnic appreciation
  • The ability to implement a shared decision-making process agreed upon by all stakeholders
  • The ability to establish a framework for collaborative action and involve the school community in developing and supporting shared beliefs, values, a mission, and goals for the school
  • The ability to make informed, objective judgments
  • The ability to work with all staff to create an effective staff development plan for all staff
  • Ability to maintain and promote confidentiality as the norm under which the school operates
  • The desire and ability to engage in continuing education and skills upgrading
  • The ability to create and maintain a safe, orderly, positive and effective learning environment
  • The ability to annually evaluate the performance of all school-based staff
  • The ability to employ and monitor acceptable accounting procedures in the maintenance of all fiscal records
  • The ability to coordinate the operation of the school site council
  • The ability to create and maintain a climate of respect and fairness for all staff and scholars
  • Meet UCSC standards of professional conduct as outlined in Board Policy.


  • A minimum of two years of site or district level experience as an Administrator
  • Three or more years of successful, full-time, K-6 teaching experience
  • Knowledge of Hmong history
  • Knowledge of Special Education and Section 504 process
  • Demonstrated leadership in school or other setting as exemplified by communication and organizational skills
  • Demonstrated history of innovation, organization, and creativity
  • Demonstrated history of collaborative work
  • Demonstrated commitment and passion to creating a great school
  • Testing for tuberculosis (skin test or chest x-ray)
  • Clearance from Department of Justice (DOJ) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) required upon employment.

Pay Determination: Salary will be competitive and only full-time relevant experience will be considered for pay determination. Pay offering is non-negotiable and will follow the board adopted salary schedule.


1) Medical, Dental and Vision Coverage
2) CalSTRs & 403b Retirement Plan Options
3) Sick Pay/Personal Necessity up to 10 days per year

Interested applicants should follow the directions below.

  1. Download an employment application.
  2. Complete and save your application using this name format: Last Name, First Name – Job# (i.e. Smith, John –2952021-2901-03)
  3. Email your completed application along with resume and supporting documents to: staff@urbancsc.org and type the following: Job#2952022-1900-01 in the subject line.