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Job Descriptions

Welcome to the Urban Charter Schools Collective job classification section. The below listed job descriptions are for current positions that are present within the Urban Charter Schools Collective district. Any future board approved job position will be added with an accompanying job description for reference purposes.

Job Title Description Classification
JD-1101 General Education Teacher Exempt
JD-2101 Hmong Language Teacher Non-Exempt
JD-2101-2A Movement Teacher - Tae Kwon do Non-Exempt
JD-2101-2B Movement Teacher - Dance Non-Exempt
JD-2101-2C Movement Teacher - Physical Education Non-Exempt
JD-2120 Instructional Assistant Non-Exempt
JD-2222 Custodian Non-Exempt
JD-2224 Health Servies Specialist LVN Non-Exempt
JD-2400 Attendance Clerk Non-Exempt
JD-2400-2 Senior Administrative Clerk Non-Exempt
JD-2404 Administrative Secretary Non-Exempt
JD-2800 ATT Program Manager Non-Exempt
JD-2801 ATT Staff Non-Exempt
JD-2901 Yard Duty Supervisor Non-Exempt