We have 5 positions open! We’re always looking for passionate candidates to work for our school. Below you will find listings for different positions that are open at Yav Pem Suab Academy. Click on the link for each position and you’ll be taken to a page where you can download the application and job description.

Hiring for the position of Special Education Aide – http://urbancsc.org/hiring-a-special-education-aide/

Hiring for the position of 3rd Grade Teacher – http://urbancsc.org/hiring-for-3rd-grade-teacher-position/

Hiring for the position of Instructional Aide – http://urbancsc.org/hiring-instructional-aides/

Hiring for the position of Health Services Specialist (LVN) – http://urbancsc.org/hiring-for-health-services-specialist-lvn/

Hiring for the position of Yard Supervisor – http://urbancsc.org/were-hiring-for-a-new-yard-supervisor/