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Board of Directors

The UCSC Board shall have no more than seven directors and no less than three.  The number of Directors may be increased or decreased from time to time by amendment to the Bylaws.  All directors shall be designated by the existing Board of Directors.  One seat is reserved for appointment by the Superintendent of the Sacramento City Unified School District. 

The terms of directors shall be staggered in one, two, and three years.  Board members will serve three-year terms with approximately one-third of the Directors appointed.  Each Board member can be reappointed for an unlimited number of successive terms.  All terms shall commence on July 1 and shall expire on June 30 of the year of the term.



The UCSC Board provides leadership and oversight to its charter schools.  It currently operates the Yav Pem Suab Academy Charter School with approximately 420 scholars.  Among its many responsibilities, the Board establishes a long-term vision for the district and sets district policies and regulations, while the Superintendent carries out the policies and manages the day-to-day operations of the Board.

The UCSC Board is responsible for the overall success of its charter schools and is committed to:



Board Members


Miles E. Myles, B.S., President

He was elected to the Urban Charter School Collective Board in 2014. As a resident of Sacramento, Miles has been working in the field of education for over 20 years. He holds both a CLAD Certification and Administrative Credential.  His educational involvement has included school-site administration, parent educator / trainer, classroom teacher, university assistance manager of program services and professional development for teachers, Academic Efficacy trainer, and multiple school-site level committees.  

He believes that all children deserve to receive an excellent education and opportunities for growth that are befitting to their unique personalities and desires for this rapidly changing world.  His passion for educational equity and experiences have prepared him to  fulfill his new role as an UCSC board member and provide keen insights  and directions to the challenges our scholars are facing today and moving forward.

You can contact Mr. Miles by email at Miles-Myles@urbancsc.org.


Yong Lor, B.A., M / A, Board Secretary

Ms. Lor was elected to the Urban Charter School Collective Board in 2017. She has over eighteen-years of experience as a science teacher at Goethe/Rosa Parks Middle School and Albert Einstein Middle School, teaching both Life Science and Physical Science. Ms. Lor, a founder of Hmongstory40, has a passion for celebrating culture and diversity as well as promoting leadership within our community. She has served on the SCUSD Hmong Extended Summer School Program Curriculum Committee and held leadership positions such as lead teacher for Project Green.

You can contact Ms. Lor at Yong-Lor@urbancsc.org


Dr. Dennis M. Mah, Ed.D., Board Treasurer

Dr. Mah is a proud graduate of the Doctoral Program in the College of Education at the University of Washington. He holds a Master’s Degree from Sacramento State as well as a Bachelor’s Degree from UC Davis College of Agriculture.

Dr. Mah, a retired principal, was the founding principal at Bowling Green Charter School, the 18th charter school in California. He is the 2001 recipient of the Hart Vision Award for outstanding charter school administration. In his last administrative assignment, he led Fruit Ridge Elementary, a PI Year 5 school, out of program improvement in two years.

Since retiring, Dr. Mah has served as a team leader and presenter at the Charter Schools Development Center’s Summer Leadership Institute and served as an adjunct professor at CSUS teaching a course on educational finance to aspiring administrators. He has completed state certified Chief Business Office training and is a former member of the CSUS College of Education’s Educational Resource Board. In recent years, he worked with parents and the local community to develop the New Joseph Bonnheimn Community Charter School.

You can contact Dr. Mah at Dennis-Mah@urbancsc.org


Guy Ollison, B.A., M.A, Board Member

Mr. Ollison was elected to the Urban Charter School Collective Board in 2017. Mr. Ollison holds an Administrative Services Credential and has over twenty-years of experience as a science teacher at Rosa Parks (formerly Goethe) Middle School. Mr. Ollison believes in the power of education and its ability to radically change lives. He serves as a proud Science mentor for Breakthrough Sacramento inspiring students to pursue careers in education.

Mr. Ollison has served in many leadership positions including being a District Support Provider for new teachers and joining the SCUSD Middle School Task Force Committee that examined implementation of school reform. Mr. Ollison is a member of the District Site Leadership Team (DSLT) at Rosa Parks Middle School and serves as a District Science Adoption Committee member.

You can contact Mr. Ollison at Guy-Ollison@urbancsc.org


Bao Xiong, B.S, Board Member

Ms. Xiong was elected to the Urban Charter School Collective Board in 2018.  She was first introduced to the public education system as a 7-year-old newly arrived refugee with no command of the English language.  Thanks in large part to public education, she quickly improved her English language skills, went on to enroll in college courses at the local community college at age 16 and eventually earned a B.S. degree in Psychology from UC Davis. 

As a proud product of public education, Ms. Xiong understands the immense value of public education in opening doors of opportunity for students from all walks of life.  Currently, she serves as the Associate Director of Health Center Operations with the California Primary Care Association.  In this capacity, she leads efforts to strengthen the primary care system and improve the health status of communities throughout California.  Having benefited from coaching and mentoring throughout her educational and professional journey, she is committed to giving back and has spent the last 10 years of her career serving underserved and under-represented communities. 

Ms. Xiong is honored and excited to contribute to UCSC's efforts in ensuring that YPSA continues to deliver high quality education, widening the doors of opportunity for all scholars.